I must have to say I have been around cameras for a very long time. Growing up as a little girl in Vietnam, I can remember so well the very first time my older brother brought home his very first film camera and how delighted I was to be photographed. It had happened a long time ago, yet it’s still fresh in my memory. Nothing refreshes memories better than a simple photograph. I believe pictures are the only things that last. After the recent death of my mother, it became even more of my passion.

I love photographing people and listening to their stories. When I am not photographing, I run, travel, and listen to good music.

Taking photographs of random people, city lights, and landscapes make me humble. This is where I usually take that step back and appreciate the life around me.

My two cats are some of more accessible models; they seem to be camera-ready always. If I happen to have wine when they are around, that glass of wine *may* make a cameo in that photograph. ;-)